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After 10 years, we rebranded Armazém Criativo as Unset Studio.

Let's set the future over there!

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Study in Porto

  • Cities + Environment
  • Branding, Explainer Film, Motion Design, Website
  • Portugal, 2020

It is in the city of Porto where Portugal's richest academic community moves, the result of meeting the best students in the country with a highly qualified teaching and scientific staff and an increasing number of international students, teachers and researchers. In this project, we had the opportunity to work the brand in a 360º perspective, since we worked the strategy, the branding, the website and its presentation video. Aimed at national students but especially international ones, we had to follow a modern, simplistic and captivating approach, to fit in with the values of the Porto brand and more importantly, an attraction for several students to choose our city for their academic career, one of the most important phases in anyone's life.

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