We changed
our name.

After 10 years, we rebranded Armazém Criativo as Unset Studio.

Let's set the future over there!

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  • Software + Technology
  • Motion Design
  • Portugal, 2021

7 years after being founded, Pixelmatters launched a new brand. What started as a small design agency evolved into a digital product studio that's more bold, technical, and mature, now with a new brand identity to match. Designed by John & Jane, an independent branding and graphic design studio working from Wales, this new branding embodies this spirit: Balance, Collaboration, Partnership, Relationship and Connection. We were challenged by Pixelmatters to do the presentation video following the key concepts of the new brand using our motion graphics skills to push it even more and take the online launch to another level.

Making-of (1 — 3)
Making-of (2 — 3)
Making-of (3 — 3)

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